COMMERCIAl photography


“My commercial subjects are not models, they are real people who typically don’t like having their photo taken and have very little time to offer.”

“Location work is all about creating a studio look under mostly unfavorable conditions.  The most challenging location is a hospital.  Being respectful to patients, cautious with equipment in a working environment and realizing that the doctor has zero time to give you.  No pun intended, but it’s not for the weak of heart.”

Thank you for taking time to view my work samples.  I look forward to discussing your photo needs.

                                                                                          - David Male, Photographer

Specializing in People Photography at Your Location

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“My specialty is photographing people on location.  It takes a special bag of tricks to capture successful images on location.  You need to problem solve quickly and make your subject feel comfortable.”

Photographer David Male.

Burlington County Farm Fair  Springfield, NJ